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How would performance improve if team members could confidently deal with the unexpected in a positive, creative and collaborative way? 

What if they weren't afraid to share new ideas for fear of rejection or failure? What if those ideas were not only listened to and accepted, but also built upon?  How could this improve communication and the cohesiveness of your team?

Practicing improvisation teaches the following principles: 

1. The #1 rule in improvisation is to always say "Yes, and..." One must actively listen to and accept their partner's ideas and add to them. Practicing improv helps to re-wire our brains to say "yes" to new, creative, risky ideas and situations and build upon them, instead of instantly rejecting and reasoning why they cannot work, or not listening to the entire idea to begin with. This increases self-confidence, sharpens listening skills, promotes outside-of-the box thinking and most importantly builds trust among teams. 

2. Improv breaks down status barriers and creates an even playing field where everyone's ideas are valued and teamwork is imperative. No one is "in charge" in an improv scene. You both build the "Who? What? Where?" together. Fully supporting one another is key; participants are encouraged to "make each other look good" and collaboration is a must. A scene cannot go anywhere if you're only looking out for yourself. 

3. Improv requires us to think on our feet. We all know that things will never go exactly as planned in life. When presenting at an important meeting, there will be a computer glitch, someone will ask an awkward question you weren't expecting and a cell phone will ring. Learning to "roll with it" creates an ability to become more dynamic in unexpected situations. 

Inspire Improv workshops allow for a safe and engaging space to "try on" these principles and then transfer them to the workplace.