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Presence and voice

Unless all of your communication is done from behind a computer, your voice and physicality will play an integral part in your professional life. Learning to use your voice effectively and being comfortable in your own skin increases self-confidence and others’ confidence in you. After all of the thought and work you’ve put into perfecting your elevator speech, pitch or presentation, you want to make sure that “how you say it” is in a manner that reflects the best version of yourself.  

In this workshop participants will:

·       Gain feedback on their current physicality and vocal style.

·       Define how they’d like to come across.

·       Explore their voice and physicality and help them to find strategies, which will enable them to enhance what they already have.

·       Learn techniques for reducing nerves and warming up both physically and vocally before any big meeting or presentation, regardless of available private space or time constraints.

We ask that each participant come prepared with 60 seconds of material, be it a short excerpt from a presentation, pitch or an elongated elevator speech.

*Note: this workshop is NOT about changing the way anyone looks (wardrobe, body type etc.) it is about being comfortable in your own skin and using what you have to your greatest advantage.