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One of the things I appreciated the most about our work with Caitlin, was her positive energy, open-mindedness, and willingness to cater to our particular needs and answer ALL of our many questions.  Her flexibility to tailor a program to help our particular team with the goals and challenges we laid out made it feel very special and unique to us, and not that she was putting us through a rigid program.  This is exactly what I hope our clients feel when they work with us, and I would recommend any company who would like their employees to sharpen their communication skills reach out to Caitlin.

Julie Goin, Real Estate Sales Associate


Caitlin's energy, enthusiasm and sprinkling of humor during the workshop, eased the tensions in our group and the entire workshop proved to be packed with valuable team collaboration insights. We are a group of engineers, and trying to get everyone on-board with a new concept can be a particularly difficult task. Instead of a fellow engineer listening to everything concerning a concept, they tend to hear the one part that WON'T work.

 Caitlin’s improv approach, challenges the listener to not think of their objections, but to actually listen to EVERYTHING being said. In effect, her Improv approach promotes active listening and team collaboration when sharing ideas. 

We found ourselves using this technique the very same day we learned it, in our afternoon Operation Meeting.

Shawn Mott, President

Digitronik Labs

Thank you again for sharing your insight and energy with us at the Sci. Ed Sales Conference last week. Having read the evaluations, I am not surprised by the level of positive comments, perspective adjustment, and promises to apply the learning at work and beyond. It was a truly valuable session with just the right level of interactivity and introspectiveness. Thank you again!

Noël Vaché                                                                                        

VWR Global Marketing Operations and Planning

Caitlin and company did a fantastic job. Our Finance Department now has ideas to keep the “Yes, and” momentum going.

Mary O’Riley, Director of Treasury and Investments

Rochester Regional Health System

I think this workshop highlighted essential skills and was a good way to start the retreat.

Jill Wesley, Director of Career Services

The College at Brockport

No matter your personality, introverted or extroverted, you feel comfortable interacting with Caitlin. I realized a lot about myself in a short period of time, about communication, collaboration and how I respond in situations.

Jennifer Allison, Owner

Rochester Research Associates

Caitlin is a Rochester treasure for women who need professional or personal development. She has helped peel back some layers of truth and revealed a better me in just a few short sessions. It is an investment that has changed my direction and set me on a better path!

It has immediate benefits. If you are dealing with self-doubt or fears, I encourage you to set them aside. This is one decision that should be easy to make!

Caitlin is a great coach, confidential and well rounded. I’m so glad I took this chance and already have more confidence in my growth as a leader and educator.

2016 Coaching Client

I learned that open-mindedness and approachability are key to creating a good environment. We need to encourage folks to share their thoughts and ideas more. The workshop was very helpful to foster collaboration! Great energy!

Paula Tinch, SVP Finance

Rochester Regional Health System

Thank you on behalf of everyone at Rochester Women's Network for participating in the 2013 Summit Business Conference. The phrase "yes and..." has been repeated at several meetings and gatherings since the conference. You made a very favorable impact on your audience, very engaging and thought provoking. Interestingly, the women really represented a significant cross section of personalities and career tracks. You managed to reach them all.

The workshop forced me to come out of my shell and think completely differently about communication.

Ashley Foreman

Grad Student, Nazareth

Working with Caitlin is fun and easy. Caitlin is great at setting you at ease and creating a safe and productive environment.

Dan Biviano, Financial Adviser

Champlin & Associates

Caitlin is bright and inspiring and shares her energy effortlessly.

Todd Neilsen, Catalyst

Matrix Insights

Working with Caitlin was great. She is warm and her approach creates a risk free environment.

Alyssa Whitfield, Founder

Dress for Success Rochester

We focused on communication in a completely different way. Not preachy and not a seminar-feel, but a fun, engaging way to demonstrate the importance of being open and positive. I stepped outside my comfort zone. As an introvert, the idea of improv was horrifying. But it was fun!

Jill Gresens, Product Developer


The workshop gave me the parameters and ideas necessary to be collaborative in a positive; constructive way. I will be present “in the moment” on my sales calls and try not to think too far ahead during conversations.

Joanna Watkins, Key Account Manager


The workshop made you aware of inherent personal behaviors - got you to think about how to correct. Excellent workshop. Thank you!

Denise Purpura, Director, Corporate Contracting and Procurement

Rochester Regional Health System

This helped build a method of communication that allowed our team to build a more positive and supportive environment.

Adam Standish, Coordinator of Student Employment and Extraordinary Academic Scholarship Program

The College at Brockport

Caitlin is compassionate, aware and engaged. I love her coaching!

Barbara Dodge, Office Manager

I really enjoyed the exercises and the discussions that followed. Everything was applicable in one way or another to the workplace and/or everyday life and relationships. Positivity is contagious, from Caitlin's cheerful and welcoming demeanor to learning how saying, "Yes, and ..." can really perpetuate positivity - it makes a big difference.  There is no pressure to succeed and no worries about failure.

Diana Weber, Recreation Supervisor

Town of Perinton

Very interactive! Lots of connections to the workplace.

Ryan McCormick

Jamestown Container Corporation

Caitlin had great energy and made things not awkward, but collaborative and educational.

Jane McGowan, Lab Technician

Rochester Institute of Technology