Inspire Improv & Coaching Inc

Transforming cultures through communication and connection.

Inspire Improv & Coaching

I apply Improv workshops in two main areas;

Corporate Development & Women’s Elevation

Workshop lengths, frequency, and content are tailored to the specific needs of your group.


Women's Workshops

  • Provide a safe place for women and girls to explore their creativity.

  • Heighten our ability to think on our feet

  • Build up self confidence

  • Become more comfortable with our voice

  • Discover our inner creativity

  • Laugh together

Corporate Workshops

  • Improve participant's Emotional Quotient by learning how to actively listen and collaborate creatively with others in unexpected situations. 

  • Increase trust 

  • Think on our feet

My hope is that teams will leave feeling a sense of trust with one another, and less likely to immediately say "no" to new ideas, giving their co-workers and direct reports the permission to get creative without the expectation of rejection.