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Harvard Business Review

3 Improv Exercises That Can Change the Way Your Team Works

“Improvisation – and the improv toolkit – offers great grounding for leaders challenged to thrive in a business climate that demands agility, resilience, quick thinking, and ease with ambiguity. Counterintuitive as it might seem, business is often an act of improvisation, not planning.  So we say “lights up” on the era of leader as improviser.”

Forbes Magazine 

Why Improv Training is Great Business Training

“Improvisation isn't about comedy, it's about reacting -- being focused and present in the moment at a very high level.”

NPR Morning Edition

When the Art of the Deal Includes Improv Training

“Some top-tier business schools are offering more than just finance and marketing these days: Duke, UCLA, MIT and Stanford are all teaching improv. Professors say these techniques help students increase collaboration, creativity and risk taking.”

Slate Magazine

Getting to “Yes, And” How improv comedy skills become a must-have for entrepreneurs

“Through improv,” says Kulhan, “we can work on anything from leadership, to influence, to adaptability, to crisis management. We can help people’s communication skills. We can show them how to stay focused, in the present moment, at a very high level.”

NPR Science Friday

These Science Students Learn to Think on Their Feet

“A lot of it about learning how to listen and be available to what is in front of you…You may come in with a really strong plan of, this is the thing I’m gonna say or, this is the talk that I’m gonna give, and the tool that they learn in improv is that, if that’s not working...they need to be aware of the fact that it’s not working and be able to make an adjustment on their feet and not feel like they failed, not feel like, okay, I’m just going to try to get this over with, but actually do something in the moment, and be able to connect with the people who are listening to them.”

Kip Kelly, UNC Keenan Flager Business School

Leadership Agility - Using Improv to Build Critical Skills

“If you follow the other rules of improv, then the possibilities are limitless – and there are no mistakes. You listen, react and create something new, and this simple act can lead to something novel and unexpected. While there are definitely mistakes to be made in business, this fourth and final rule of improv is about accepting and moving on. Improv is about moving forward and exploring new, unchartered territory – not looking backward or placing blame. Organizations and business leaders can waste a lot of time pouring over past mistakes and casting blame, which can lead to an overly cautious culture where everyone is afraid to make mistakes and no one takes chances. Good leaders take responsibility, learn from mistakes and move on. To be successful now and in the future, companies need to be free to try new things, take risks, experiment and innovate. The real failure is not learning from past mistakes.”