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Make your next step a bold step.

To Leap looks different for everyone. It does not necessarily mean taking on more; it takes just as much thought and energy to scale back what you’ve become accustomed to. Through facilitated conversations, reflective exercises, goal setting and harnessing the shared wisdom and perspective that we all bring to the table, you will move toward making your own Leap!

This program was designed to give women the time and space to take a look at where they are, where they want to be and what it will take to get there. 

We will focus on taking bold steps toward achieving your goals by:

1.    Defining your core values, what it is that you want to be spending your time on and setting boundaries so that you can focus your energy appropriately.

2.    Identifying thought patterns that are getting in your way and exploring how to create new, more productive patterns.

3.    Empowering your presence from the inside out – learning and practicing practical techniques to become grounded, present and feel powerful in your body and voice. 


·      You and I will have a 30-minute phone call to get a better idea of where you are and where you’d like to be at the end of the program, so that the program can be further customized for the women participating. 

·      The group will be limited to six women and will meet every other Wednesday from 5:30pm-8:00pm, at the Inn on Church, located at 11 West Church Street in Fairport. Dates for the next group are TBD. 

·      In-between group sessions, you will be paired up with another participant for a check-in call for added accountability and support.

·      You and I will have a 30-minute phone call one month after the last group session to see how you’re doing.


"I very much appreciated Caitlin’s warmth and positive support and encouragement. She helped me to commit to particular actions steps that made sense for me and my goals, and provided gentle accountability to help me actually take them! The Leap Program gave me some tools and perspective that I didn’t know I needed." 

Jane M.

Senior Analyst


“I spent the past 13 years building a corporate career and moving up the proverbial ladder at several companies in varying industries. While I may be successful in the eyes of the outside world, I have always felt my career path was not “right” for me. When I signed up for Leap, I hoped to gain clarity on my professional goals and passions, while gaining the courage to take risks in my professional life. After working with Caitlin and my fellow participants, I gained that insight and so much more. Through individual and group-focused activities and discussions in a welcoming and safe environment, Caitlin helped me identify my true values and a clear, focused picture of what I want my life to be—both professionally and personally. With her guidance and the support of my fellow “Leapers”, I gained the courage to recognize my voice and share the thoughts and desires I previously kept to myself, as well as to start making small changes that will eventually add up to big results. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, it is often challenging for me to accept that I cannot do everything and be immediately successful in all my endeavors. Leap taught me to appreciate each stage of the journey and be proud of every step (however small it may seem!) towards larger goals and a happier, more fulfilling life. I highly recommend Leap as a critical first step towards living a life that best fits with your true self.”

Christine B.

Audit Professional

“LEAP was exactly what I needed to grab onto a clearer picture of where I want to be in my career, relationships, and life. Caitlin led our group through a process of translating our vision into actionable steps -- supported by her insightful and warm guidance along the way. I discovered how to make meaningful shifts in my priorities and time, that support intentional steps, that lead to living out my values. I know better now how to address the excuses and doubts that diminish my daily potential. Sharing this journey with the other women in LEAP was so encouraging as we learned from each other's stories, challenges, and victories along the way. I believe more than ever that I am truly equipped to realize the community impact, creative ambitions, and family balance that I aspire to!”

Christen K.

Stay-at-home parent and Social Media/Marketing Contractor

The most powerful part of the LEAP program for me was the grounding in my personal values.  This allowed me to see multiple ways I can align to my values whether I make a leap or not!  I enjoyed interacting with the other women in our group.  Their support and feedback was amazing.  I am feeling more grounded, peaceful and happier as a result of attending LEAP.  Caitlin, Thank you for this fantastic experience!

Carolyn Dobie

“I attended LEAP in hopes of finding some focus and did just that. I have organized my day better, written down my goals and know what I want to strive to do long term. I loved meeting all of the women that had the same goal of more focus and/or concerns in life but had such different dynamics such as; family life, career status and paths and even different WHY’s. In the end I learned that stay at home moms, women mid- career and women with established careers all have similar challenges. Prior to the LEAP group I felt scattered and un-focused, not knowing how to get control of that feeling. I am now more focused and most importantly, have the tools necessary to stay focused. Caitlin was even able to help me quiet my mind enough for a successful meditation! I am currently handling more of a workload than I thought possible. I am working it and it is not working me! Caitlin is a great listener, she chose a great group of individuals and created an environment of learning, healing and growing for all. I believe I have five new friends.”

Teresa Delibert

Principal/Recruiter, Delibert Employment Solutions

Next Steps:

If you are interested, let’s connect, so that you can decide if this program is a good fit for you. Please email me at or call 585-750-3687.