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Inspire Improv & Coaching

Leap! - Making your next step a bold step.

To Leap, looks different for everyone. It does not necessarily mean taking on more; it takes just as much thought and energy to scale back what you’ve become accustomed to. Through facilitated conversations, reflective exercises, goal setting and harnessing the shared wisdom and perspective that we all bring to the table, you will move toward making your own Leap!

We will focus on taking bold steps toward achieving your goals by:

1.     Defining what it is that you want to be spending your time on and setting boundaries so that you can focus your energy appropriately.

2.     Identifying thought patterns that are getting in the way and exploring how to create new, more productive patterns.

3.     Empowering your presence from the inside out – learning and practicing practical techniques to become grounded, present and feel powerful in your body and voice. 


·       You and I will have a 30-minute phone call to get a better idea of where you are and where you’d like to be at the end of the program, so that the program can be further customized for the women participating. 

·       The group will be limited to six women and will meet every other Wednesday from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm, at the Inn on Church, located at 11 West Church Street in Fairport. Dates are: 9/13, 9/27,10/11, 10/25.

·       In-between group sessions, you will be paired up with another participant for a check-in call for added accountability and support.

·       You and I will have a 30-minute phone call one month after the last group session to see how you’re doing.

I, myself, made the decision to quit my full time job to run my own business. This Leap took time, defining what kind of work I wanted to spend my time doing and what I wanted both my home and work life to look like.

I also spent time in conversation with others who had gone through, or were going through similar transitions, asking themselves the same questions.


In the future, the investment for this program will be $500. However, as this is a pilot program, the investment is $350 with a $150 deposit due by August 31st, with the balance due mid-way though the program, on 10/11.

If you are interested, let’s get together so that you can decide if this program is a good fit for you. Please email me at or call 585-750-3687.