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Intro to Improv for Professionals

Your day will never go the way that you planned, so let’s learn to think on our feet in a highly effective, interactive and fun way, through improvisation!

The number one rule in improvisation is to actively listen in the moment, say “Yes!” to our teammate’s ideas and then take it one step further and build upon that idea with them. In everyday conversations, and especially while engaged in conflict, collaboration or other important conversations, we are often thinking about what we are going to say next, rather than listening to what our teammate is bringing to the table. Even when we do listen, if the idea or situation is uncomfortable, we immediately say, “No!” and reason why it won’t work. This not only decreases the effectiveness of the team; we also end up missing out on potentially innovative ideas.

In this interactive workshop, participants will become more effective working with their teams by:

  • Exploring ways to deal with the unexpected in a positive and creative way.
  • Enhancing active listening skills.
  • Role-playing work-based scenarios, putting these skills to practice right away.