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Mindset 2 Mastery Podcast

Unleashing your “Yes, and.”

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WOKR Avanti Entrepreneur Show

Learn how Caitlin has taken her career as an actor and improv comedian to create a unique coaching business that infuses the principles of improv into great leadership.

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Rochester CEOs You Should Know

Caitlin is a local woman who trained to be an actress and even moved to L.A at one point searching stardom! Back in Rochester after her stint in L.A, she figured out a way to incorporate her acting skills into her desire to be an entrepreneur and is now helping improve workplace culture all around the area.

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Medium - Authority Magazine

“You can ask yourself tough questions while still being kind to and honoring the person you are right now.” with Caitlin Drago and Sasza Lohrey

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Democrat and Chronicle

Woman to Watch: Caitlin Drago