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*Delivered in partnership with Maria Kast of CORE Leadership Development LLC

Caitlin Drago, Certified Coach, Speaker and Owner of Inspire Improv and Coaching and Maria Kast, Speaker, Trainer and Coach with the John Maxwell Team and owner of CORE Leadership Development LLC have designed a customer service training program to improve customer service from the inside out, focusing on the individual, how they think, listen to and connect with customers.

We focus on creating team members who

  • Read customers via their communication style and body language in order to communicate with and serve them more effectively.
  • Value, connect with and actively listens to patrons.
  • Can handle high-stress situations calmly and with a positive attitude.

The team will walk away with concrete skills and tactics to improve upon the areas listed above. Content will be followed by interactive exercises, giving the participants a chance to put new skills into action in real time.   

Value to your organization

  • Armed with the skills to more effectively communicate with, value and serve its patrons, your organization will gain a competitive edge with those who act as the first impression and “face” of your organization.
  • People learn by doing. Even adults gain important benefits and can learn more effectively though “play”. This program will give them the opportunity to do just that.
  • Engagement improves by including members of the leadership team.
    • Relationships will be built between the team and leadership.
    • The leadership team is modeling effective leadership principles.
    • An even playing field is created for the growth of all participants.
  • When the staff is developed beyond skills based training, growth happens.  This growth allows for the individual to operate authentically.  As a result, they see themselves as having value and become more valuable to your organization.


“The service industry can be a very unpredictable industry to navigate. It can also be very rewarding both personally and professionally. This seminar reinforced the fact that we must continuously strive to not only meet the expectations of our customers, but to exceed them. 

Caitlin and Maria  constantly reminded us to keep the lines of communication flowing, both internally and externally, to ensure that we remain focused on our mission. The practical exercises we engaged in are a key factor to helping us mitigate circumstances that could potentially negatively impact the organization. 

In all industries, relationships matter. In our industry, they can make or break a business. After experiencing this training program, we will continue to make every effort to let our employees, our customers, our board members, our vendors, and everyone else associated with our organization know how much we appreciate their efforts. “

Henry F. Wojtaszek


WROTBC/Batavia Downs Gaming

“The program was more engaging than other trainings my staff has had in the past.  What I liked best was the use of real world examples from customer interactions that could directly and accurately show staff the proper way to handle situations. My biggest learning was about my staff, something that this training helped me accomplish. I feel more knowledgeable about what my staff goes through.

I can see that my staff has been empowered to take care of situations they might have been somewhat reluctant to handle in the past. My staff is more empowered. Their facial expressions and demeanor have improved.

I know my staff appreciates the time and money spent into training them. Spending your company’s money and time to train employees is an investment. You’ll see the return not only in their improved performance, but in the repeat business they attract from the customers they take care of.

Make sure employees know that the company’s training initiatives are an investment in them, even more so than one in the corporation. Make sure you have a list of real life examples to use in training as this will be the most direct way to get through to your employees. Caitlin and Maria will make the training fun and enjoyable for your staff so that much is learned in the time spent.”

Ryan Hasenauer

Director of Marketing

WROTBC/Batavia Downs Gaming