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Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Interview?

Have you ever felt nervous about a job interview? Me too, here’s what helps me to shift to a more positive and confident mindset.

I spent most of my 20s living in Los Angeles, pursuing an acting career. An actor’s version of an interview is an audition, equally nerve racking. The actor typically auditions for the casting director. Their job, is to sit through, sometimes hundreds of auditions to find the right person for the part. The writer relies on them to help bring their characters to life and the director relies on them to bring in, not only great actors but great people to work with.

When battling our own nerves, my acting teacher, Doug Warhit, always encouraged us to put ourselves in their shoes. Instead of worrying about messing up or fearing that we’re not good enough, realize that the casting director isn’t sitting in the audition room, with their arms crossed, saying to themselves, “Gee, I can’t wait to watch this person fall on their face!” On the contrary, they are hoping and praying that you will be the right person for the part because then, their job is done; they get to go home and hopefully the director will hire them again!

So often, we approach interviews with the less productive view and forget that the person interviewing us is also hoping that we are the right person for the job and chances are they are just as nervous about pleasing those higher up. They are rooting for you! How thankful will their boss and team be when they bring on the best person for the job?!

The next time you have an interview, remember that you are on the same team and they want to see you succeed. Now get out there and play the role you’ve always dreamed of!