Inspire Improv & Coaching Inc

Transforming cultures through communication and connection.

Inspire Improv & Coaching

Inspire Improv & Coaching Inc is owned and operated by Caitlin Drago out of Rochester, NY

I never thought this is where a BFA in Acting would lead me. 

After spending the duration of my 20s in Los Angeles, working and continuing my studies at the Upright Citizens Brigade (the first nationally accredited improvisation school in the country), I made the move back to Rochester. When I transitioned to a full time corporate job, I was amazed to realize how useful my stage skills were. It impacted how well I listen, communicate, connect with others and collaborate. I knew that top business schools like DUKE, UCLA and MIT were already offering improvisation courses for students, understanding the benefits. In my new position, I found, first-hand, that practicing improvisation techniques is a great tool for organizations looking to help their people listen and communicate more effectively, increasing trust, improving teamwork, unleashing creativity.  

In addition to my extensive improvisation training, I am also an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. I pull from both my coaching and theatre background to provide an impactful, hands-on learning experience for participants.